Testimonials from some of our clients

I have worked with Cateran, S.A. de C.V. for the past three years.  The team of engineers in Cateran are well experienced in fire protection engineering and as project consultants. They are very professional, transparent and uphold client confidentiality very seriously.  Since starting our brokerage firm, we rely on their professionalism and technical expertise to provide us with technical reports which are delivered in a timely manner, outstanding quality and thoroughly investigated. As brokerage firm we are very pleased to be acquainted with Cateran and look forward to a long-term relationship with them.


As a company with international clients and Mexican clients with interest overseas, we are pleased to work with Cateran engineers who are well versed in international fire protection standards and best practices. They are a group of professionals that we can count on when called upon to support our needs for technical information and consultancy. In addition to their high level of enthusiasm with their work, we have come to appreciate most their confidential handling of information and quality of consultancy.


 I have been contracting Cateran, S.A. de C.V. since 2016. For the past four years Cateran and the team of engineers have been closely involved with one of our mayor clients, with an outstanding performance and satisfaction as expressed by our client. The engineers in Cateran are well experienced in fire protection engineering, natural hazards evaluations and as project consultants. I appreciate their professionalism, confidential treatment of the information provided to them and efficient response to our needs. 
As an international reinsurance brokerage firm, we are very pleased that Cateran is well recognized in the London market, as well as the reinsurance market in Miami. I am pleased to recommend Cateran as a consulting firm.


I have been acquainted with Cateran, S.A. de C.V. for the past three years in their capacity as fire protection, risk engineering and project consultancy. They have proved to be a very professional firm, with timely delivery of the engineering reports with outstanding quality and responsive feedback when comments have been issued. In several occasions, they have made room in their agenda to respond very favorably to emergent situations we have encountered with very little advanced notice. 
As an insurance company we rely on their reports on risk evaluations and evaluations on compliance with fire protection standards to define our posture with programs offered to our prospects and clients. 


We are an independent service provider for risk management, loss control, training and fire protection engineering.  Our commitment is to provide quality professional services to safeguard the interests and holdings of our clients.  Cateran's mission is based on long-term engagement and transparent relationships, empowering our clients with the resources for safe and profitable risk management.

Somos proveedores independientes de servicios de ingeniería, administración de riesgos, control de pérdidas, capacitación y protecciones contra incendio.  Nuestro compromiso es proveer servicios de calidad y profesionales para salvaguardar los intereses y patrimonio de nuestros clientes.  La misión de Cateran es desarrollar relaciones transparentes y de largo plazo, apoderando a nuestros clientes con los recursos para una administración de riesgos segura y rentable.