Fire protection engineering

Evaluation of the integrity of fire protection systems is essential in loss control assessment. Whether passive or active fire protection systems are considered, compliance with recognized standards is critical to ensure the protection is conmensurate with the hazards.


Our services in fire protection include:


Design bases documents with specifications per occupancy

Design of fire protection systems (supression & detection)

Hydraulic calculations

Battery and voltage drop calculations

Code compliance reviews

Acceptance tests

Supervision of installation

Project reviews

Training in maintenance, testing and inspection


Our consultants work closely with your fire protection contractors in all phases of the project ensuring compliance with recognized fire protection standards.



  • Design of fire protection systems
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Project reviews
  • Code compliance reviews
  • Start-up testing
  • Fire hazards analysis

In the field

  • Acceptance testing
  • Performance testing for fire pumps
  • Supervision of installation
  • System maintenance
  • Water supply testing
  • Fire alarm system testing