Our services

Risk evaluation

Loss control surveys provide valuable information on the state-of-affairs of safety programs, protection systems, maintenance philosophy and risk analysis.  Loss control assessments benefits positioning in the negotiation of insurance programs, and most importantly, provide you the means to reduce loss potential by prioritizing risk improvement where applicable.

Fire protection engineering

Our fire protection engineers have over 15 years experience in design for new systems and modifications to existing ones.  Code compliance reviews, training in fire protection systems operations and maintenance.

NatCat exposure evaluation

Changes in climatic behavior are on the rise.  Loss potential from natural hazards most times than not, outweighs any other type of loss potential.  Experts in the field of Global Warming predict increased intensity of hurricanes and tropical storms, flooding in coastal areas and increased frequency on intense raining.  Special tools used in the classification of natural hazards exposure have been revised and updated to reflect current and future predicted conditions.


Training modules in Risk Analysis methodologies, industrial risks (inherent risks), emergency response plans and maintenance, testing and inspection of fire protection systems.  Classroom sessions with group dynamics, risk assessment exercises relevant to the facility, design based fire protection, methodologies on risk analysis.