We are pleased to be able to support you with your risk management projects, from conceptual ones to more complex projects, a good challenge always brings professional satisfaction, as well as our commitment to quality and client service.

Who are we?

CATERAN is an independent engineering services provider.  Our experience in the insurance market and industrial sectors combined, are focused at entrusting your company with a proprietary risk management and loss control program, thus ensuring the continuity of these programs within company policies and risk profile.

A proprietary risk management and loss control program warrants risk quality as defined by your company's risk appetite and upholds your position if risk is transferred to different insurance companies.


In a world where change is a constant and market positioning has to be safeguarded, risk quality is the foundation for lucrative results and gainful negotiations upstream and downstream of the business chain.


CATERAN provides your company with risk management and loss control programs top down, developing company risk profiles and premium allocation between business units and executive summaries when mediating with insurance companies, or complement your existing resources with field engineering, such as loss control assessments, design of fire protection systems, project reviews and training.


Our mission and commitment is to deliver quality services, executed in a confidential and professional manner, to develop long-term relationships with our clients.