Natural hazards exposure is a significant and integral part of risk assessment. Changes in climatic behaviour are on the rise.  Loss potential from natural hazards most times than not, outweighs any other type of loss potential.  Experts in the field of Global Warming predict increased intensity of hurricanes and tropical storms, flooding in coastal areas and increased frequency on intense rainning.  Insurance companies, in recent years, have reinforced their criteria for natural hazards assessments.  Special tools used in the classification of natural hazards exposure have been revised and updated to reflect current and future predicted conditions.



  • Bodies of water
  • Review drainage systems
  • Flooding history
  • Suceptibility of equipment and inventory
  • Preparedness plans


  • Construction type
  • Structure symmetry
  • External exposures
  • Preparedness plans


  • Roof types
  • Construction materials
  • Review wind resistance
  • Structure symmetry
  • Anchoring Rooftop equipment
  • Preparedness plans